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Chrys Castle
Roy Wood
Roy Wood
On the Road Again

Original Release Date:  1979

Track Listing
  • 1. (We're) On the Road Again
  • 2. Wings Over the Sea
  • 3. Keep Your Hands on the Wheel
  • 4. Colourful Lady
  • 5. Road Rocket
  • 6. Backtown Sinner
  • 7. Jimmy Lad
  • 8. Dancin' at the Rainbow's End
  • 9. Another Night
  • 10. Way Beyond the Rain
  • Annie Haslam: Vocals, Vocals (Background)
  • Andy Fairweather Low: Vocals, Vocals (Background)
  • Roy Wood: Guitar (Acoustic), Bagpipes, Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion, Violin, Bongos, Clarinet (Bass), Composer, Drums, Guitar (Electric), Horn, Keyboards, Recorder, Sax (Alto), Sax (Baritone), Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor), Sitar, Vocals, Vocals (Background), Guitar (12 String), Producer, Vibraphone, Celli, String Bass, Soloist, Introduction, Lead
  • John Bonham: Drums
  • Dave Donovan: Drums
  • Charlie Grima: Conga, Drums
  • Peter Mackie: Bass, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Vocals (Background), Lead
  • Dick Plant: Vocals, Vocals (Background)
  • Paul Robins: Guitar, Keyboards
  • Carl Wayne: Vocals
  • Billy Paul: Saxophone
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